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WebRocketX on Github

  • Open Source for WRX is provided under the LGPL-2.1 License. WebRocketX On Github. Code in the downloadable templates can be older and should always be replaced with the latest from Github. WRX's code base is tiny compared to most frameworks and quite readable. If you like WebRocketX give us a star in Github. :)

WebRocketX Templates

  • PHP Template The PHP Template code can be found in GitHub along with the source code.

  • Django Template The Django Template code can be found in GitHub along with the source code.

  • Java Template The free Java Template code can be retrieved from the Downloads Page. The WebRocketX API javascript code in the downloadable templates can be older and should always be replaced with the latest from Github.

WebRocketX Running At The Enterprise Level

WebRocketX on Amazon AWS

What is WebRocketX?

WebRocketX is a browser side javascript API that all async calls to the server are made through. It's primary mechanism of updating the page is through DOM insertion of HTML snippets using the innerHTML property. By having a single point of interaction with the server the developer has the following functionality provided by the API.

  • Provides a SPA front end to any technology that delivers HTML from the backend, such as Springboot, PHP, Laravel, Django, Rails, etc.
  • Browser side control of user interaction during the async call
  • Browser side error handling of server side exceptions
  • Browser side view caching ~ Easily make the back button work perfectly.
  • Browser side view navigation
For a more detailed description of the benefits of using a WebRocketX SPA go here Benefits Of Using A WebRocketX SPA

Why the X?

WebRocketX is a hybrid. It is a solution halfway between the old world of full page refresh websites and recent JSON JSMVC solutions, like Angular.

  • Like full page architecture, WebRocketX expects layout coming from the server to include data. This is different than JSMVC architecture where data is delivered separately from the layout in JSON objects. However, WebRocketX does support JSON when needed, but is not a JSON centric paradigm.
  • Like JSMVC architecture, WebRocketX is a Single Page web Application (SPA) and relies on AJAX calls to submit data and bring in new views.

Other great things about WebRocketX

Written entirely in javascript, using Jquery as an API to the browser, it will run on all major browsers and even on mobile devices.

Allows a web application developer to easily create a rich user experience using standard HTML and javascript, similar to the experience of using a major desktop operating system such as Apple or Windows. Yet, it is extremely light weight executing a small amount of code, and stores much of the user's state on the browser minimizing the need to communicate with the server.

Provides the web application developer with a structured platform in which to deliver and manage content within the browser. Yet, although it is structured, it still leaves the developer completely free to leverage the power and convenience of standard HTML and style sheets, and to use third party widget libraries.

Inherently secure because the server side html rendering paradigm stores the user's authorization in a server session where it is difficult for a user to tamper with. Furthermore, since unused and unauthorized views are not cached client side, a bad actor does not have an attack surface provided to them. Frameworks like Vue, Angular, and React give all users the administrator account attack surface by default, as cached views, unless the administrator web application is downloaded and managed as a separate application.

What WebRocketX is not

Not a server side solution, because its front end (browser) components are not coupled to back end (server) memory components. The only relationship between what is delivered from the server and the WebRocketX framework are some simple conventions for delivery of the HTML to the browser. This decoupled architecture leaves the developer free to use any backend framework they desire such as Django, Ruby on Rails, Spring MVC, Php, Asp, Struts, etc. Content is delivered from the server as HTML and sent from WebRocketX as form parameters. It is as simple as that.

Not a CSS or layout solution. It is a content caching and delivery API designed to easily make your dynamic web application into a SPA. A developer is free to layout their web application any way they desire. The look and feel of this informational website is not indicative of how your website will look when using WRX.

Not SEO compliant for static websites. In fact, this static informational website, you are reading right now, does not use the WRX SPSW because the search engines will not properly index the pages. The use of WRX for static websites is primarily a concept only usage and unfortunately the search engines are not ready for the indexing of SPA websites. None of the single page frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue are SEO compliant, beyond their landing pages. On the other hand, WRX is a very good fit for dynamic web applications, especially sites that require a user to login to manage any kind of account or business.

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