WebRocketX Demo Movies

Reload page attribute demo

A demonstration of a rich user interface utilizing the "reloadPage" metacapsule attribute. A developer only has to indicate in the pages capsule that the page should be reloaded when it is navigated to and WebRocketX takes care of the rest. Not only will the request be resubmitted automatically but the developers callback will be be executed again in exactly the same context as it was originally.

Reload page attribute demo code review

A review of the code that is under the hood in the Reload page attribute demo.

WebRocketX being used in dynamic web application mode

Here is a short video showing WebRocketX, running in our demo application named "Browser Desktop". It shows the free downloadable dynamic web application template running in Tomcat. We purposefully show a bar bones web application with minimal layout and minimal third party widgets to demonstrate the core dynamic web application functionality, without any distractions.

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