Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about WebRocketX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is listed the most commonly asked questions

  • Why doesn't this static website use WebRocketX? - Search engines do not correctly index single page websites. We originally created this site as a static SPA but the pages would not show up in the major search engines. So the usage of WebRocketX to make a static SPA is mostly a proof of concept for the time being. However, WebRocketX really shines as a dynamic web application framework. Dynamic applications such as your bank account, any kind of commercial website such as a property management system, HR System, or even the customer facing booking engine on your favorite airline do not need to be indexed in the search engines beyond their landing pages.
  • Why is there an older version of Jquery in the downloadable templates? - WebRocketX works with all versions of Jquery beyond 2006. Rewrapping and deploying newer artifacts for download every time a new version of Jquery comes out is unecessary since the developer can easily upgrade this themselves. WebrocketX uses only 2 external javascript libraries. Jquery and Jquery UI Draggable.
  • Can I use WebrocketX with React? - Without a doubt. React components can easliy be delivered alongside capsule layout.
  • Can I use WebrocketX with Angular? - We wouldn't recommend it. Angular abstracts the DOM manipulation and navigation from the developer which would be very hard to coordinate between the two frameworks.
  • Can I use WebrocketX with ASP and JSP? - Yes. WebRocketX only lives on the browser side in javascript.
  • Can I use WebrocketX with PHP? - Yes! Its very close to a perfect fit, since PHP renders HTML on the server side. You can greatly reduce your "controller" code on your server by using WebRocketX. For example, no reason to code back behavior anymore.
  • Where can I get the source code? - Go to the download page and click the box to accept the license agreement. A link to Github is provided.
  • Why are the files in the WebRocketX javascript folder unreadable in the templates? - They are minified. Replace these files with the source code from Github in your implementation to alleviate this.
  • How do I know I can trust WebRocketX for a commercial application? - Compared to frameworks like Angular and Ember, WebRocketX is tiny and the files are quite readable. Have your IT spend a couple hours looking through them and get their thumbs up.

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