Javascript Code For The Dynamic Web App Demo

This page provides a listing of the javascript code present in the Dynamic Web Application Template, in file demo.js, which can be seen running in the demo movie.

Demo Movie JS Code Showing How Simple it is to use the WebRocketX API

Given below is the entire list of javascript code that a developer has to write to implement the application shown in the demo movie. In fact, the demo doesn't even cover all of the frameworks features, but still notice how amazingly small the amount of code the developer has to write is.

This list of course does not include the javascript that implements the framework. This is only what a developer has to write to use the framework. Take note of how simple and straight forward the calls are. They are simple API calls that are intuitive and easily understood. None of this is as complicated as the large API's you need to understand to use JSMVC frameworks like Ember or Angular.

Webapi is the main WebRocketX utility. All interaction with the server is done through this js utility interface. Since the content comes from the server wrapped in a capsule with meta tags, the framework then follows the instructions the content came with. There are only so many macro things that can happen to delivered content, which can be understood by reviewing the Meta Attributes. The fantastic thing about this architecture is that the content becomes a reusable component and can be plugged in all over the application by simply calling the URL through the API.

WebRocketX Example Javascript

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